Code for Life

Code for Life is a non-profit initiative that delivers free, open-source games that help students learn computing and coding principles.

Thanks for your interest in Code for Life! Please read through the following sections to understand how you can contribute as a developer.

Products Overview

The portal or the website: Code for Life. This is the gateway for users to understand who we are and what we do. It hosts our web-based games and teaching resources.

Rapid Router - an introduction to coding that is aimed at Key Stages 1-3 (age 5 to 14). Built on Blockly, it's a visual programming language similar to Scratch. The levels start off with Blockly and gradually progress to Python. With 109 levels, Rapid Router is our flagship game with the biggest user base.

Kurono - a multiplayer game that is aimed at older students of Key Stages 3 and up, it is primarily for use in a class setting. Students code in Python to move their avatar around in order to complete tasks. Kurono is still in development. While it has not been officially launched, it is available to play in a class in order for us to gain feedback.

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