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This section describes Kurono game architecture and how things are structured.
Kurono consists of five main components, split into their own directories.


The Django API (aimmo directory)
A Django app used to provide an API for game and code management.
​Game Frontend (game_frontend directory)
A React app using Babylon and Pyodide to present the game state to the player, run their code and allow them to edit it.
​Games (aimmo-game directory)
Holds and updates the game state (one per game).
​Game Creator (aimmo-game-creator directory)
Responsible for creating games (one globally).
​Workers (aimmo-game-worker directory)
Contains the avatar worker API used by the AvatarWorker in the frontend.


Avatar: a player's in-game representation. A player can have one per game.
Player: an individual with an account.
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